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FOX News
May 2, 2014 8:00pm PDT
means china will grow more powerful, russia will be emboldened, russia will continue its reign of terror. but persuading americans we should be more active around the world requires showing them how their lives will be improving and soon at home. in other words, we need to rebuild american confidence. that means we need politicians who focus more on what is good for america, our people, our economy, our future, and less on what helps their own re-election. and that's the memo. and now on to the top story. >> the latest efforts to get some answers finally on benghazi. as we said earlier, speaker john boehner announced the house will vote to establish a select committee to investigate what has happened and they have subpoenas secretary of state john kerry to testify about the benghazi terror attack at a hearing later this month. here's how the state department responded. >> i am confident that what the republicans allege, that there was some attempt by this administration to cover up or spin what happened, is 100% false. >> joining me now, just a mile and a half away from here, chief white
FOX News
Apr 29, 2014 8:00pm PDT
, russia and benghazi guess what, they are not going to have any of that now. >> i think there is a perception that the president can't be trusted. >> yes. you have to admit that perception exists thrnches is a perception. >> my point is he is the leader of america, all right? we're having problems on a lot of of important fronts. wouldn't it be better for him to just be more can did it? he doesn't have to run again. just be more candid. don't pars and run and hide and on i obfuscate. they favor democrats 43, 34. healthcare 43, 35. middle class 53, 32, president obama and the poll is very bad news for him. >> when you look at the broader numbers on honesty and trustworthiness you find the same thing which is that those numbers have taken dramatic dive. >> big hit. >> boeckman and now. >> benghazi won't get reported. >> he has over two years left in this presidency. >> i know that when public confidence in the leader takes this kind of hit it's over. >> i'm glad you are watching the factor you you are not going to heart benghazi stuff. i will hun tore home people cover. this congratu
FOX News
Apr 28, 2014 8:00pm PDT
express from russia. we're not. charge something there, we are not going to pay it, goodbye, end of russian economy and travel to russia. he won't do it. >> what this does raises is this question about gradualism. where you -- you don't take the full set of sanctions that you you are contemplating and hit him with them all at once. >> why not. >> deter being his actions? >> hit him with your best shot. >> i think the reason is two fold, basically, bill. a lot of president obama's policies are involve russia as a cooperating partner. iran and syria come to mind. there are other examples. and the other thing is, of course, to be really effective major economic sanctions would necessarily involve the cooperation of our european allies who are much more financially intertwined and economically intertwined with russia than we. >> it's all weakness. >> i'm not disagreeing with i want to point out to the audience intellectually we understand that putin has sway in iran and we need that treaty for them to disassemble their nukes. but you are just showing weakness. all right? >> i'm not argu
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)